In A Nutshell...

Pockets Full Of Pie was created mainly out of necessity. Ben and I met and both had a slew of allergies and food intolerances (it was a match made in heaven!). While dating we would search the interweb looking for places that had foods/desserts we could eat together. We both have a healthy sweet tooth…so usually we were in search of dessert. We quickly noticed our options were slim and what we could find, we didn’t like, but still bought because that‘s all there was for us. It was rather depressing at times! 
Annie grew up in Oregon, baking with her mother, Karen, and her favorite thing to do was visit bakeries all over the NW with her Grandpa, Paul. With Grandpa now cheering from above, mom’s recipes and baking skills in hand, and Ben’s knowledge of business, Pockets Full Of Pie was born!
We make cupcakes, cakes, pies, cinnamon rolls, and more. 100% gluten free & Vegan! We use wholesome, natural ingredients. We NEVER add artificial ingredients to anything we make. And nothing you buy from us will taste like cardboard or crumble into sawdust. Everything on the menu is made from scratch with lots of love and care. We often add seasonal flavors and new products to the menu, so keep an eye out for new stuff!
We're currently wholesale and sell to stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. We take online orders and offer pickup Mon-Fri at our kitchen space in downtown Olympia.
We hope you enjoy our sweets as much as we do!!

Annie & Ben

Owners, Pockets Full Of Pie, LLC

Annie & Ben, 2013